Sunday, 27 January 2008

Reflection from PT1& FT presentation

After i chose the topic about Utopia &Consumer Age, i looked plenty of stuff related this topic. I was thinking about real,unreal, alter ego, second life...etc. However, i always have the problem to build up the project. The word like 'real/unreal', second life, illusion ... are too abstract for me. I don't know how to build my project from those worlds, so i was looking many information of those worlds. Then i start to more confuse.

However, PT 1& FT presentation gave me lots of help. I understand how they build up their project and how to research the project. I was thinking about my project based on my own experience before. But my experience is not too strong to support my project. Based on static and research report will be more strong. That is also the way i feel more comfortable to do the project.

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