Monday, 14 April 2008

cynthia beth rubin's painting lecture

Today, cynthia beth rubin did her lecture. I do influenced a lot. The animation 'français' is my favorite one which you can see on her website. Maybe animation is the language i am more keen on and can feel much more in common.

When she showed her work piece by piece. I can feel the progress she had passed. That is really a value experience. Computer & photoshop for her is the pen to draw her painting and won't limit her creativity.

When my studied computer design in China. Photoshop for me is only the technical tools. I never thought the work did by photoshop can be an art work. Beacuse that is only a tool to me. However, when i listen to her lecture, i saw her work and the progress of doing one piece of work. I really expressed her way of doing the work. She put many her ideas into her work, then the image become very sepcific one only can made by her.

I think maybe that is the difference between BA and MA. Art for the artist is something will follow all of our life.

Thanks for her lecture. ^^

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