Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Looking for Symbols of Consumer Age in China

I am looking for some consumer symbols which i want to put in my project
Now i got the idea of certification.

More and more people are enage on getting certification(such as certification from famous universiy). The symbol of 'certification' become more important than the real meaning. 'Good Certification'= 'ability of person'. Everyone knows that just is a symbol, however everyone follow the rule of game...

So what comes out,
'dummy certification '&'real certification but only bought by money'

'dummy certification '
The normal person can become really famous only because he/she has 'Good Certification'. Finally, some of them exposed. Then they become to normal person again. Does it make sense?

some people said this social make them become to get "dummy certification".

Does unreal certification mean unreal?
Does real certification which only bought by money mean real?

If you walking on the street in the some city of china, you can see plenty of ad."make certification"(the business of making dummy certification).

There are two different bridges in two city.

It is in everywhere

this one on RMB money

on the Building of University (for certification of english or education..etc)

This is in the toliet..

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