Tuesday, 16 October 2007

1w5 Consumption Utopia and New Chinese Literature

In the 1990's, everything in China was changing at such a high speed that young Chinese writers did not have enough time to understand deeply the relationship between Chinese personal valuation and material life.

"Literature can make life better, like the function of art. Both of them save us from boredom and emptiness.

"the challenge of writing is: to find new ways of expressing and describing the relations between people and reality."

The Asian "candy generation" are busy buying apartments and shopping, they enthusiastically respond too installment plans and long for becoming a part of the mainstream of life. The purpose of novels by Hu Fang is not to research them, but to image them. Hu Fang, along with other young Chinese writers, hope to express their own voice. Not to agree with, but think deeply about the transformation of Chinese modern life.

"Utopia" has been a symbol of revolution and idealism in a certain Chinese historical period, but what does it mean now? Just as Zheng Guogu said: "consuming is ideal; consuming is piquant."

 (He Tian)

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